Custom Front Panel
Component Side


The PTC4 is built on one printed circuit board with keypad and display on one side and components on the far side. An anodized silk screened panel is mounted on the board for mounting in the layout fascia or in a control panel.

On board connections include power, motor, motor run signals, USB and APR2 connector. See user manual on downloads page for details.

  • Fully user programmable indexing for up to 99 tracks
  • Indexes both bridge ends
  • Very fine 0.025 degree indexing resolution
  • Simple index programming
  • Select from 14,400 possible stopping locations
  • High torque stepper motor with internal gearing
  • Quiet, smooth, slow operation
  • Programmable maximum speed: 0.15 to 0.50 RPM
  • Programmable momentum
  • Bridge track power polarity control (“automatic track power reversing”)
  • +12v motor running signal
  • Dry contact motor running signal with programmable delay (for sound modules)
  • USB port for future use, also used for firmware updates by user.
  • Ability to ‘edit’ individual track positions for realignment if necessary.
  • Track Redirection – The bridge may be stopped during a movement and redirected to another destination at any time.
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