Thank you for your interest in the most advanced, reliable, and realistic turntable indexing system available today: the PTC Model 4 Programmable Turntable Indexing System from NYRS – New York Railway Supply. 
Our indexing system is used all over the world with many very happy customers.
We’ve tried to include most of the essentials about the PTC Model 4 for your review. As always, feel welcome to contact us by phone or email with any comments or questions you may have about our system. Your feedback is appreciated.
Please visit the PTC4 page and the APR2 page for more details. Also visit the Gallery page to see customer craftmanship.

The PTC Model 4 (Programmable Turntable Controller) is a user programmable turntable indexing system for use in new or existing N, HO, S, O, and some G scale turntables. The turntable’s indexing positions are programmed into the PTC by the user, who “teaches” the PTC where the lead and service track positions are. The PTC does not use infrared diodes, tab stops, or any mechanical methods for indexing. Once programmed, the PTC remembers the user’s track locations– even when the system power is turned off. During operation, the user selects the desired lead or service track from the control panel. The PTC then automatically determines the shortest direction of travel, simulates turntable momentum by ramping up the bridge to a user-determined maximum speed, then ramps it down as it approaches the desired service or lead track location. The PTC then stops the bridge at the exact location desired, within 0.025 degrees.
The basic PTC is comprised of the Track Selector Module, Stepper Motor, Motor Mount Kit (optional), and Power Supply.

The PTC Model 4 is designed for users wanting to solve the problem of reliable turntable indexing. Situations where the PTC Model 4 will be of benefit include:
"It's a clearly superior way to control a turntable in any model railroad scale"
Editor Andy Sperandeo, Model Railroader Magazine , December 1996.
"A very well made and thought out system."
Editor Bob Brown, Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette , July/Aug 1996.
“The PTC turntable controller is very elegant in design and provides excellent and accurate turntable indexing. It features a good user interface and installs easily… the PTC is a very good solution."
Editor and MMR Doug Geiger, Model Railroading, August 2000
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