Wiring for DCC

Power Sections

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These are two of Tony's Trains products. The pcb on the left is a PS-REV for controlling a reverse loop. The other pcb is a PS-2 solid state circuit braker. The idea here is to allow a short to occur in one part of the layout and not shut down the whole thing. The figure above is a 3rd Planit illustration of the trackplan showing my power sections. Each color will have it's own circuit breaker to keep the whole layout moving even if some rookie (me?) moves a loco into the backside of an incorrectly routed turnout. The return loop section on the long peninsula is controlled by the PS-REV to automatically change the polarity when a train is turned. The Durango return loop and wye will also be controlled with a PS-REV.



Thanks to Jim Brown for the pcb mounting ideas.