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I decided to branch the update page to cover the Durango project.



New piece of equipment visiting from Seattle.


San Juan and The Silverton at the Durango Depot.

The image on the left was an experiment with PhotoShop. Two images sort of merged to help depth of field issues.Original on the right.

I don't have Silverton on my layout but this looks close enough.


Did a bunch of work for the symposium and never posted any pictures. Here are a couple.



Started closing up the last of the open benchwork. Huge milestone for me.


Water Tower and Cattle Pens built by Keith Stamper




Future home of Conoco Oil Depot


Spent all day out in the train room wiring a new section of track and getting it all working. You wouldn't think it would take all day but I had to string wire from the PowerShield circuit breaker, half way around the layout to get it to the new section, and of course while crawling under the layout kept finding things that needed attention. All of my wires are run through holes in the benchwork and had to drill a lot of holes. Lot of ups and downs and head knocks too. Then string wire through the holes, hook up feeders, etc.

Marc LeChey was kind enough to spike a bunch of track for me on one leg of the wye a few weeks ago while wearing a boot from foot surgery! The K-28 and passenger train in the following photos are on the new track section that Marc spiked.

Not too complicated but if you look at the trackplan you can see that Durango is both a return loop and a wye. If you are wondering why the wye, it is where trains from staging in the next room, assuming it ever gets built, can enter the Durango yard. The staging will represent the Silverton and/or RGS.

It is working fine with one reverser but if two trains are bridging both ends of the reversing sections, things stop. I understand why but will leave it like this for a while. The wye dead ends into a wall anyway but wanted it done where it wouldn't hold up scenery.

The race is on. NMRA LSR convention at the end of May. Nothing like having your layout on the tour to get you motivated to work on it. Plus the train room is always a nice place to hide out.



Been a long time since an update but I have been working on the layout. This area is next to get the scenery treatment and it has had me worried for 10 years. The tracks along the wall were going to be hidden staging representing the Farmington Branch. We brainstormed on this for years and nothing sounded good to me to hide it. Lift out hatches, profiles, etc. I read an article in Model Railroad Hobbiest the other day about sizing your layout operations to your expected crew and realized that I really didn't need this staging. Especially since expected crew is probably 2-4 anyway. I also want my scenery to be top notch, so I ripped out the staging. Kind of fun. Left me with a nice two spur area for an industry and a double ended siding down in the area of the Conoco Oil Depot and the scenery will look much more natural.

Here I will connect the main line back up and install a turnout for the siding.

Future Home of Conoco Bulk Oil Depot to the right.


Eagle and Bluebell - build by Randy Smith, Canon City, CO.



Thanks to the North Texas Narrow Gauge gang for helping with all the fascia.

All the turnouts on the layout are now wired.


above photos by Randall Smith















Photo by Jim Brown





What we have here is a crossover going from the inside track to the outside, which doesn't allow traffic on the right hand track to get around a passenger train stopped at the depot. Just didn't think about it until I really started thinking about operations. The rails have been removed in the first picture and them I just cut out the homasote to rebuild it.


Chama Roundhouse Installed - 3/1/2008


Durango Coming Together


Durango yard is almost done...with my my track gang's help. It's very hard to spike in the middle of the table.


I've been working on this extension to the Chama yard for way too long but finished it today. It is a must to make the yard useable.