The Trainroom

I wanted something other than concrete to stand on so I raised the floor and insulated it with polyurethane foam. I then decked it with 3/4" plywood and tiled it with VCT. Makes a very nice looking and comfortable room.

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After the 14x15 room was complete, I decided it just wasn't big enough so I extended the room 22' to the south. It is now 14x37. That should do it, but if it was about 3 feet wider...


Backdrop Supports for corners. I used 1/4" flex core sheet rock for the curved corners. We wet it just a little on the back and laid it over a railing and let it curve under it's own weight. After taping and bedding and all that mess, I sprayed the backdrop area with Big Sky Blue and lightened the color the lower we got on the wall.

Panoramic View - This picture was put together with ArcSoft Panorama Maker - Click on it and scroll around in the view.