Sound for a PBL Shay

After reading and rereading Bill Adkins article on adding a Zimo decoder to a 16 ton Shay I decided to give it a try with one twist. I wanted sound.

I got out the scale and measured the fuel bunker and decided with a little luck, the DSD-090LC might just fit so I ordered one. I also ordered a .5" speaker with enclosure.

I dissasembled the loco following Bill's article. I could not have done this without Bill Adkins article that is in the Cyber-Articles section of NWNG-Sn3Group list. Take a look at it. Here is a link to it. You must be a member of the group to view it.

UPDATE: I purchased a micro Tsunami and replaced the DSD with it. Sounds better and it was even smaller so it's an easier fit.

Here is the bunker.


I had to cut a little section out of the flange.


Here is a picture of everthing wired together.


Here is the speaker in its enclosure. The photo on the right shows it installed. I used double sided foam tape for this.


The squeeze job. Barely fits is an understatement.


Videos. If you have trouble downloading them, right click and select 'Save target As...' and save it to you system and try it again.

1. Here it is in action, 1.4M

2. Another one, 1.4M

3. Another one, newer