North Texas Narrow Gauge

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After running trains a little I decided I didn't like the track arrangement so I tore some up and re-built it. I moved the turntable leads closer to the edge of the layout for easier access and also allows engines to get from the bottom little yard leads to the roundhouse without having to nearly exit to the main line.

Before Realignment
After Realignment





Durango - Haven't done much work in Durango but I'm starting to get around to it. This is going to take so long I thought I would give it it's own web site area.


Beginning with the roundhouse/turntable. I had no idea how hard this would be to get right, or maybe I did and that is why I have put it off for so long. I enlisted the help of Charlie Kirk, one of our local modellers to build the roundhouse for me as I wasn't sure I could build good enough and there are no second chances since it was a limited production kit by CC Crow. Great job by Charlie.

Here is a template for the roundhouse tracks that Charlie made.

For some reason I decided to put the pits inside, even though they will be next to impossible to see. I had five pits so we are going to install those five and leave two stalls without. My son Matthew and I made a routing jig and routed out the pits. What a mess!

We made an attempt to keep the dust off the rest of the layout.

Test fit.

I considered using flex track, it would be the only flex on the layout but decided against it. The illustrias Steve Amitrano built the turntable. Nice coloring job Steve!


Here it is after a few days of gluing down ties.