Benchwork Design and Construction

This is a plan view of the proposed benchwork which is in progress. The wall cantilevers are pretty much like Wescott designed in his benchwork book. The long peninsulas will be built on wooden I-beams like they use in house construction. This is an idea several people have used including Lee Nicholas on his UCW. I built a couple of cabinets to rest the beams on in the center of the room with shelves. The wall ends are attached to 2x12's which are fastened to wall studs with lag bolts, just as the cantelevers are.

Spline Roadbed Construction

Click on picture for larger image.

I built all of the wall cantilevers production line style. Using 3rd Planit I pretty much new exactly what I needed. My goal is as few legs as possible in the room and I think I pretty much ended up with 0.


Panoramic View - This picture was put together with ArcSoft Panorama Maker - Click on it and scroll around in the view.