The Automatic Power Routing Module (APR) provides a method for removing power from turntable service tracks and optionally the turntable lead track when the bridge is not pointing to them. The APR can control up to 48 service tracks (47 if you are going to switch power on the lead track). A remote relay board is required for every 12 tracks and this board may be mounted near the turntable. It will reduce the amount of wiring necessary on the layout by not requiring switches on a control panel to be connected to the service tracks. The APR can be installed at anytime and does not have to be part of your initial installation of the PTCIII. The APR will work only with the PTCIII turntable contoller with versions stamped on them of at least 10.1 for rotary and pushbutton or 11.1 for keypad track selectors. Contact NYRS for information on upgrading your controller to these versions. If you have a version 10.0 or 11.0 there will be no charge for the software upgrade but you will have to send in your controller to accomplish this.

Pricing information:

  • APR I - $199.00
  • APR I w/12 track switch module - $239
  • APR I w/6 track switch module - $229
  • Additional 12 track modules - $79
  • Additional 6 track modules - $69
  • Wall transformer for Relay board - $15